January 10th, 2011


January update

This past week between NYE and today have been absolutely fantastic. The good doctor and I spent most of our time in a semi-vegetative state lurking in the Treehaus. He put a big dent in our internet quota while I did what I usually do when faced with large stretches of uninterrupted time: edit, write and read. Granted, it's been a particularly nasty summer, with some temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius, though here where we live, there's usually a cool breeze.

Just a quick update with regard to the assorted bits and bobs: 

Both my Khepera books are in print and are available electronically on Kindle at Amazon and assorted other vendors, with my next urban fantasy, entitled The Namaqualand Book of the Dead due for release in March. Go check out my Lyrical author page here: www.lyricalpress.com/store/index.php

I've had some very positive feedback from a reviewer, who wrote:
The pacing is quite fast as the chapters are not terribly long, and it becomes very easy to say to yourself that before you put it down for the night you'll read just one more chapter. 10 Chapters later in my case, I realised I had only a few hours before having to get up for work. 

I just love keeping readers up past their bedtime! This isn't the first report of such situations!

Recently, writing as Therese von Willegen, I released my first contemporary erotic romance entitled Tainted Love, which is available here: www.bookstrand.com/tainted-love

While this quite a departure from my usual fare, it's amazingly fun to write and I've recently sold another entitled Hell's Music, to Lyrical Press, which is due for release later this year. What I can promise my readers is alternative characters with a bohemian, slightly off-the-wall flair, from strippers through to Ozzy Osbourne-style shock-rockers.

While all these exciting small press happenings take place, I'm busy with two bigger works to pitch into the agent mill later this year. One is, as always, a work of urban fantasy and the other a bit more difficult to peg. All I can say is it's a colonial era-type fantasy involving vampires, pirates and Event Horizon-esque haunted ships.

Wearing my editor hat, I'm always on the lookout for well-written urban fantasy, steampunk, paranormal romance, erotica and BDSM yarns ranging from between 15 000 words to 95 000 words. Go check out the Lyrical Press submission guidelines if you reckon you've got something hot: www.lyricalpress.com/submissions or mail me at: nerinedorman@gmail.com