October 25th, 2014


Oh, hello

An absence, of quite a while. A lot has happened. I don't think anyone reads these things anymore. And it seems kinda weird to put stuff out here for people to read. I look at my last posts here and I want to crinkle up like a bug that's just been sprayed with pesticide. Was that me? Man, it burns.

Oh, hello. Still alive. Still kicking. It's been a crazy few years where I've torn down my life and built it up again. The southeaster is blowing. Let me tell you how much I hate the southeaster.

DixiesHere you pretty much see why I hate the southeaster. You can't go outside. Long hair is a bitch. Sand in everything. Hey, it keeps the tourists (mostly) away.

36 years I've been living in the far south peninsula and I'm still not used to this shit. On the bright side I don't live in Noordhoek or Hout Bay anymore, and where I'm currently at is a little more sheltered than it used to be.

What else can I say to catch up the past three or so years?

Ah, music. Yes. Music, playing guitar again. Singing.

Writing, not for the sake of selling books, but for the sheer pleasure of putting words down and creating stories, because, frankly, there is no accounting for people's tastes. I'm just one voice in millions who consider themselves to be in possession of earth-shattering talent. Who'm I kidding? Who's going to hear me over the roar of the wind?