November 2nd, 2014


Remind me again why I do this thing?

This past week was awesome. Also, it sucked cock and balls so far as a routine went. It's HorrorFest, which means me stressing my nut with regard to the Bloody Parchment event, which was on Wednesday. But it went well. Better than most. Everyone had piles of gooey, oozing fun, and then we went off to Roxy's to celebrate with chilli poppers and double-thick chocolate Oreo shakes. Or at least that's what I had because nearly everyone else was imbibing the alcoholic beverages.

I miss drinking. I don't miss the hangovers and not remembering what happened the night before. Also, booze is expensive. I'm a better person because I no longer drink. I really miss red wine, but hey, what can one do?

Booze = seizures.

We're not going down that road again. It's a slippery slope.

IzikoWeather in Cape Town at the start of the week was weird, kinda summery and hinting at a misplaced Highveld electric storm that never happened. (See pic of the gallery). The city's donned her verdant, late-spring cloak but the southeaster's ripping the far south to shit. I hate summer. Give me the between months, and I'm happy.

Needless to say, after having to go out Every Night of the Past Week (capitalisation intended) I'm gloriously hermitting between editing stuff, reading and giving myself brain damage playing Sims and that stupid candy-crushing game. I like the comfortable numb of tablet-based games.

I didn't pay Skyrim today because we had our cleaning lady over, so I ended up getting into an editing buzz which was awesome. First time this past week that I really *felt* like editing. Also worked a bit on my writing. Not much, but I've inputted chapter 1 of The Shadow Gates (book two of my The Gatekeeper Cycle). I've also edited a bit of my current Wraeththu Mythos story for Storm Constantine. I'm surprised that the thing still holds together nicely and that I like the words.

Have become a serious hipster with my writing—doing everything by hand. First editing pass is with a red pen. Then I input. I like the fact that I'm using scrap paper that eventually finds its way into the recycling or compost bin. I like the tactile sensation of shuffling sheaths of paper. It offers the illusion of progress, of creating something tangible.

Note to self: Don't do Mac OSX updates when you're not sure your MS Word will still work. I am now learning LibreOffice. MS Word has fucked me over one time too many. Screw industry standard.