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Hyperventilating and running around in circles.

Crazy times I live in at the moment. And I’m finding it a bit difficult keeping my head above water. The trick I’ve learnt from the dark tea-time during June/July where I spent nearly every evening in tears after getting home after work, is to say no.

I’m saying “no” a lot. Mainly to myself when I feel I can’t get everything done.

But I’m also just trying to do one thing at a time, and recognising the symptoms when I start getting flustered, dividing my experiences/responses into physical, emotional, intellectual or a combination of the aforementioned states.

Trust me. It helps.

Yesterday the husband’s emails were especially biting. Yeah, we were having an email war. I stopped. Looked at what his initial message communicated, and realised I’d not read his words properly and had had an emotional reaction which clouded my ability to respond like a rational human bean.

Not that humans are all that rational, or human, but I’m sure you get my drift.

But, I’d been busy, my blood sugar levels were low and I’d reached a fey state of mind. Note to self: eat an apple at 3pm every day. Make it a rule, stupid.

But I’m losing the plot here.

The last few months of this year are winding up to a frenetic pace. My “to do” list is as follows:

Help with husband’s photo shoots (this weekend);

Co-ordinate the Bloody Parchment authors’ event (October 27);

Attend one of the evenings of short film screenings at the SA Horrorfest (be f***ed if I knew which evening but it has to be one where my husband’s film is showing);

Fly up to Zambia to review a lodge (October 31); and

Fly up to Johannesburg to attend a red-carpet screening event featuring a bunch of my husband’s films.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of stuff happening in between but if I look too closely, I may just get a full-scale panic attack and run around in tight circles before I collapse.

Oh, did I mention I’m currently running the submissions mill for my contemporary romance novel Hell’s Music? Rejection, she will be visiting my inbox a bit more often, methinks.


Let’s not mention that I’m also editing, reading and writing during every spare moment. I do this for fun, folks. And it’s fine, except when I start whimpering at having to take anti-malaria tabs because I’m FLYING TO F***ING ZAMBIA.

I mean, seriously, WTF?

Oh, wait… I live in Africa.
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