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We shouldn't have left home today...
 It's not everyday old, good friends visit but it also happens to be Boxing Day here in South Africa, the day where, traditionally, people still stuff themselves half to death with leftovers from Giftmas day. So, we **innocently** thought to meet our friends at Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay. Fortunately they booked a table.

What we didn't book on was half the Cape Flats deciding they were having a day out on the beach in our stomping ground.


After we passed old men whipping out their trouser snakes to piss on the walls and gam dagga smokers imbibing in thick clouds of their choice herb... we walked from Fish Hoek (Clovelly parking) to get to Kalk Bay because the traffic was that stupid.

While I'll not discuss the damage to my plastic, I will add that I enjoyed a number of cold beverages, good company and some chilli poppers while watching the unwashed masses writhe across Kalk Bay beach... all from the relative safety of the nouveau bohemia offered by the Van Vuuren mafia in Kalk Bay.

The it was the walk back to the car. We are happy to be hiding in our Treehaus. Tomorrow I'm at work... **gah-gah-gah** but that's okay, I'll live.

I have plenty of my own stuff to keep me busy and I'm using this festive season to catch my tail with regard to edits.

* * * *

For anyone who is into contemporary erotic romance, I had my first release under my pen name Therese von Willegen, with Siren at the start of December.

Read more here: www.sirenpublishing.com/theresevonwillegen/

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Is Tainted Love available on the Great South American River yet? I do have someone I should buy it for.

I'm also thinking I ought to torment my younger son.

What kind of dagga? I'm now too moderate in my habits to get stoned (though I have friends who keep insisting that my glaucoma is grounds for, ahem, herbal indulgence).

It just went live onto Manic Readers, so I'm not sure how long until (or if) it will go to Kindle. Pity you can't upload ordinary .PDFs onto Kindle. Otherwise it's best to read on laptop.

Goodness, I'm not quite sure about the dagga because it all stinks to high heaven when it's smoked.

You wrote "gam dagga smokers". I just wondered what that meant. I know what dagga is, "gam", unless it's antiquated American slang for "leg" is beyond me.

Is the book going to be available in more traditional form in the near future?

Edited at 2010-12-27 12:45 pm (UTC)

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