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This is my world

29 March 1978
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A somewhat grumpy author, fiction editor, magician and sometimes domestic goddess, Nerine Dorman edits genre fiction and writes dark fantasy and romance. She still nurtures vague inclinations of being a famous musician but likes nothing better than hanging out in her Treehaus in South Africa's Cape Peninsula. Here she cultivates an assortment of peculiar succulent plants and a slowly encroaching forest. Married to an indie film-maker and visual artist, she cares for an assortment of critters and sometimes hand-rears orphans. An experienced penguin wrangler, she extends this knowledge to the authors she guides. (Penguins...authors, they all bite.) She is a founding member and administrator of the Adamastor Writers' Guild and arranges the annual Bloody Parchment authors' event under the auspices of the SA HorrorFest.

Her published works include:
Khepera Rising (Lyrical Press, Inc. 2009)
Khepera Redeemed (Lyrical Press, Inc. 2010)
Tainted Love (Siren Bookstrand, 2010, writing as Therése von Willegen)
The Namaqualand Book of the Dead (Lyrical Press, Inc. 2011)